Dronetech provides a wide range of services that can be selected from the descriptions below, in this section we will provide explain some of the services available and typical implementations.
Feel free to contact us with your specific idea/project.

  • Focused R&D

    Our R&D is usually focused on project/client/market needs and so it will use the ongoing project as focal point and will act on problem solving actual problem. We will not...

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  • Fast prototyping

    From CAD simulation to small scale mecatronics we can develop any machine needed to perform a group of tasks. We will produce working models of the projects and study the...

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  • Embedded Programming

    Dronetech is able to develop custom embedded system for a wide rage of applications, we can provide several different approaches ranging from basic solution using cost effective PICs or more...

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  • Industrialization

    Using high value tools like CAD, 3D, Eagle, etc. We will be able to study, prototype and test any project, our industrial partners abroad will be able to mass produce...

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  • Creative Technology Design

    Dronetech is an expert in designing solutions with technology in mind, we grab a concept other reality, revamp it, reshape and introduce on the desired reality/project, a clear example is...

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  • Autonomous Platform Development

    Platforms are usually built to perform a function or a group of functionalities, they are usually manufactured around a group of sensors, servos, processing and locomotion Platforms can be mobile...

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