A few words about us

DroneTech is a multidisciplinary company, we mesh all partners/collaborators expertise’s to provide a new way to compete on the market of mass market and industrial robotics using and creative technology design.

We have several advantages and our creativity is paramount, the products we will develop on the upcoming years will shape the a new robotic market and provide to the personal and industrial user with a new set of

tools that will not only be able to reduce risk, save human lives but will enhance the awareness of corporations worldwide on remote sensing and remote action.

We will provide more than that, autonomous robotics is a key for effectiveness, the “one human behind each complex machine” paradigm must end, environment awareness and intelligence is the key for robotic systems to be able to take basic, non dangerous and safe actions without human intervention.

DroneTech is a project full of groundbreaking ideas, creativity behind the common sense and out of the box thinking. Above all we don’t think out of the box, we are already outside.

Without passion on what we do, greatness can not be achieved.